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Our Mission Is To:

  • Reduce amount of homelessness
  • Reduce poverty and violence
  • Decrease high school dropout rate
  • Ensure everyone can afford housing

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Who are we!

Peace of Mind Services, Inc is a 501 C 3 non- profit organization that was established March 2009 to provide affordable housing, educational, mentoring and cultural programs to at risk youth, ex offenders, individuals in recovery and families so that they can become productive citizens.

Our goal is to reach at risk youth, individuals in recovery and families and provide them with support to help sustain their households. We encourage adults and children to complete school and/or college to develop life skills necessary to ensure employability and independence.

We work to help reduce the amount of poverty and violence in the community.

Peace of Mind Services does a variety of fundraisers and events to display the growth of the youth and families we helped. We do many fundraisers and events such as family night bingo, fashion shows, talent shows, comedy shows, concerts, plays, movie night and many more to help support the organization and its mission. These events are hosted by and features program participants. Please join us and help support the cause at our next event in a city or town near you. Please visit our upcoming events page to see which event you would like to participate and be apart of. We really appreciate your support and look forward to serving our community. 

We believe that with hard work, education and perseverance, families can succeed. It isn't always easy, but it can be done; with a little hope and support.

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